I have been consumed with drawing and painting after rediscovering art journaling. I decided to start another blog to post that work. I hope you will stop by there and see what I’m up too these days. Card making is on the back burner but I will have to revisit that soon enough with the Christmas card making that has to happen.

Angela Branon: A Lady’s Home Journals is where you can find me playing with making faces and whimsical creatures.


It’s not that I’m not drawing, but rather that I have been distracted by the holidays and also by setting up a new computer. Transferring from a PC to a Mac is a bit more time consuming  especially when you are setting up a parallel system to run both simultaneously. I do love this new iMac. The moon picture is a painting I did on a wall in a children’s area at work.

I hope to get back to doing some Zentangles very soon.

It was time for my monthly Stamp Club meeting. This months assignment was to bring a dozen cards with a fall theme to swap with each other. I was busy practicing sketching fairies and wasn’t sure where I would find the time to make all those cards. Then an idea struck. Why not take a sketch, give it an autumnal look, add color, scan it, and print it to a small enough size to fit on a card? Problem solved.

Here is the pencil sketch.

Next the watercolor,

Finally, the card




I spent part of my Labor Day week end doing a collage of Jack and Scooter, using a photo my newphew Brian took of the boys. It is on a 12″ x 12″ canvas.

This landscape was the my test ink jet transfer using Apollo transparencies and my new Golden Open Acrylic paints on Fabriano water color paper. All of the work below was done from photos of angels I took at the Mt Auburn cemetery. The last image is from a photo taken by Michael Skrip at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Angel with Urn

Angel with Star

Angel with Raised Hand

Angel Rosslyn Chapel

I did a wash of Golden Open Acrylic and transfered my images onto the wash. I went back in with additional layers and glazes of paint, stamped images and color pencils. I really like the way the Open paint responds because it stays wet for a much longer time and allows for manipulation more like an oil paint.