I was cooking my breakfast. I looked at a lovely plate of blanched baby kale, dresses with a light sesame and tamari dressing and topped with arrugula micro greens and thought what a lovely picture. I decided to make a photo essay of a days meals. Here is how it unfolded. You click on each photo for a enlarged view.


complete breakfast

On to preparing a lunch of polenta with mushrooms,salad and pickle with some juice.





complete lunch

Dinner was brown rice with lotus root and pumpkin seeds and a sweet and sour cabbage tempe. It was my version of a dish prepared in the Kushi kitchen.

Brown Rice


 Eat Well, Feel Good, Be Happy!


The annual Kushi Summer Conference was held this week at the IBM Dolce Conference Center in Palisades, NY. It was wonderful to connect with macro friends and as always meet new ones. My thanks to all who put together this amazing event and the chefs who made each meal a masterpiece.

View from the dining room

The resident swan who was not above coming up to the diners and soliciting food

Dilusioned koi hoping food would fall from my camera lens

Balconies in the guest room area of the center.

Exhibition of intriguing mechanical devices

It has been months since I have posted. Here I am back in the Bershires at the Kushi Institute and it is Spring. All the light green lacy shapes of leaves, grasses and wild plants have been bursting forth.

It was a lovely two weeks. I made wonderful new friends and saw old friends. In the end I graduated from Level One training in macrobiotics.

It’s snowing again tonight. These are picture I took of the snow in the Berkshires in January.

I refuse to take anymore pictures of snow. Tomorrow I leave for Fort Lauderdale for a cruise to the Caribbean!